FMWhatsApp APK Download Latest Version August 2023

Download FMWhatsApp on your Android devices and enjoy the extra features of the original WhatsApp. Moreover, this is a mod WhatsApp Apk file created by third-party developers. That is why you can enjoy mod features such as DND mode, block calls, theme support, and hiding online status.

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The original version of WhatsApp has limitations in features. For instance, users can send only 30 images at once. However, the video sending limit is merely 16MB. And, with a maximum of 100 MB, you can send spreadsheets, documents, and PDF files.

Therefore, many WhatsApp users hanker after an alternative app that has nothing to do with such restrictions. So, this useful mod

WhatsApp offers many new features, such as downloading stories.

Download FmWhatsapp

If you also come under the category of those people who intend to get rid of such WhatsApp limitations, then you will show your interest in using this WhatsApp for Android. FMWhatsApp is the mod version that an individual developer developed.

What is FM WhatsApp?

It is the modded version of the official WhatsApp APK. And, with this mod version, you can download WhatsApp status easily. Furthermore, you can also save any image or video status directly from this. In addition, you can also disable the WhatsApp internet connection and send messages, not in bulk but also scheduled.

Key Specification

  • The latest version is 14.09
  • The size of FMWhatsApp is 52.02MB
  • FM WhatsApp developer is FoudMakkad

Basic Features of FMWhatsApp

The followings are the correct and helpful features.

Customization Facility

The pp allows you to do the following customization.

Download Fm Whatsapp

  • Feel free to Replace the Green Theme of the official WhatsApp with your favorite color, which can be selected from the in-app library.
  • You can add custom themes from its library containing tons of articles.
  • Also, personalize almost all app icons by modifying icon graphics and colors.

Privacy Feature

Of course, privacy is incumbent, especially during using social apps like this app.

  • You can easily add all privacy tweaks that let you hide features such as double ticks, blue sticks, and last seen.
  • Furthermore, you can also deactivate the video calling feature, which is not given in the official WhatsApp app.
  • Users can utilize the app lock, which lets them set a secure password for the app.

Exclusive Features

The following are the baffling features of this application.

  • For sending messages, users will not have to save contacts. Then, you can send messages even to unsaved contacts.
  • With the official version of WhatsApp, you can pin only three chats. But through this FM-based app, you can pin up to 100 chats.
  • Moreover, you can also modify the group colors.

Security Features 

The following are the best security features.

Download FmWhatsapp 2023

  • FMWhatsApp offers a built-in app lock.
  • All users can secure your app by adding a password.
  • Secure your conversations by adding pins to your chats.

Additional Features

It also offers additional features for you.

  • All users can send their desired messages to a large group of 500 people. But the official WhatsApp app allows messages to only 250 people.


Of course, this mod app contains the following Pros.

  • It contains an anti-delete feature that does not allow the recipient to delete all sent messages.
  • Feel free to select any theme from the in-app library that includes many themes.
  • You can share almost more than images through one message.
  • Also, you have permission to share large files to 700 MB.


Apart from the pros, this modded app also has some cons.

  • One of the most obvious cons of this application is privacy. So the developer can view all your received and sent messages.
  • Well, another disadvantage of this mod app is speed. Almost all functions work but are relatively slower than the official ones.

How to install FMWhatsApp?

After following the below instructions, you can install this app on your mobile phone easily.

Download FmWhatsapp apk 2023

Download FM WhatsApp APK v9.65

Download FM WhatsApp APK v9.63

Download FM WhatsApp APK v9.62

Download FM WhatsApp APK v9.60

Download FM WhatsApp APK v9.52

Download FM WhatsApp APK v9.50

Download FM WhatsApp APK v9.45

  • Open your Smartphone, and connect to the internet.
  • Go to and search for the download file of FM WhatsApp.
  • Download the APK file on your mobile phone.
  • Then enable unknown sources from your mobile phone security settings.
  • After that, feel free to Install this mod app and start using it.


It is right to say that the official WhatsApp works well only with its servers. But to get more variety in your app, you must use FMWhatsApp. Because it provides its users with entirely new features that still need to be given in the official app; however, if you are extra privacy-conscious, avoid using the mod APK files. Although the mod version gives you customization and personalization options, a guarantee of absolute privacy is impossible. Now, all the decision is up to you, can face serious consequences. So, read our cons as mentioned above and pros, then decide what fits you.

FmWhatsapp apk 2023


What is the difference between WhatsApp and FM WhatsApp?

In the official WhatsApp, if you exert to share a high-resolution image, then this original version compresses first and

reaches the recipient. But in FMWhatsApp, you can share in full resolution without compressing the image.

How can I delete my FM WhatsApp account?

Open WhatsApp and go to mobile settings, choose the delete my account option. After that, please enter the phone number in the international format, then tap Delete my account.